Resume Suggestions: Include a Summary Section

Our experience tends to support the value of having a Summary Section at the beginning of your resume.  A well-written summary provides the reader with an overall synopsis of you as a candidate. The recruiter, hiring manager, or human resource department reviews the resume while seeking qualifiers to include or eliminate potential candidates.  Depending on the open position, the search process may involve the review of many resume submissions.  It is therefore important to catch the reader’s attention quickly with your credentials.

This summary section should highlight your past experience and indicate the type of position you are now seeking.  The geographic area of preference may also be included if it is of importance to the job seeker.  Citing the industries where you have work experience is also crucial and should be easily identified. Next, include the most important soft and hard skill set that is most valuable and relevant to the open position. Education or industry certifications may also be added.

We encourage all job seekers to tailor your resume to the open position.  This may involve additional work; but, it should yield you improved results in your employment search.  As always, pay close attention to detail and make sure the document is free of spelling errors.
Best wishes in your job search!

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